My Films

I’ve directed four short films – a horror, a comedy, a thriller, a drama.
So, hey, hopefully you’ll like one of them.


When a wealthy stockbroker hires a rough builder to renovate the wine cellar underneath his country house, the two men fall out with chilling consequences.

“Beautiful. Deliberate and creepy as hell.”
— Scott Frank (Out Of Sight, Godless)


A widow's attempts to find love are ruined when the ghost of her cheating dead husband gatecrashes her dates...

"Darkly funny" — IndieWire

Lock In

When a menacing stranger traps a landlord and his pregnant daughter in their pub,
a psychological game of cat and mouse begins.

"A mesmerising thriller" — FilmInquiry


A Syrian refugee can only stay in Britain if she becomes a surrogate mother for a desperate couple, but their illicit pact has dark consequences.

“Superbly done” – Mark Romanek

More details on my vimeo page, or full credits via imdb.